Babies Love Nature: A Tummy Time Book

babies love nature

I remember the days when we had the Tana Hoban board books for babies that were done in only two colors - black and white.  If parents of newborns came to us in the library or the bookstore looking for a book to start their little one off on a lifetime of reading, we offered up Black On White or White on Black.  The shapes were familiar and the books were wonderful.

So it's with real joy that you discover this board book from Susanne Konig.  She's really taken it up a notch or two.  This is a board book and little fingers could reach out and "turn the page" to see the black and white images here.  But the book actually unfolds into one giant spread of black and white images that will fascinate little eyes and little minds.

Each page has gorgeous images from nature drawn within a heart shape.  So the heart shape repeats on every page but what lies inside the lines of the heart shape varies beautifully.  These images/designs range from bees in a honeycomb, to pinecones tucked in together, flowers gathered in a bouquet, eggs peeking out of their nest, and so on.

You know, when I look at these gorgeous images from nature, they make me think about how children need to hear so many different words as they are growing up and building their vocabularies.  They need to hear candlestick and they need to hear plum and they need to hear about lost sheep.  This book feels like it mirrors the diversity of what children need to hear early in life as it delivers gorgeous images for children to see early in life.  I wonder what neural pathways will be born in the brains of children who are lucky enough to be shown this book with all this variety of line and shape.  Wow!

Would make a great new baby gift.

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18 pages                      978-0593403488                               Ages 0-3

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,

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An accordion-shaped board book created specifically for tummy time for babies--and families--who love nature!

This wordless accordion-shaped board book is filled with twenty different nature scenes drawn in bold black-and-white art, perfect for a baby's developing mind. The book is meant to stand up on a baby's play mat so they can lift their heads to look at the pictures. And once they've looked at one side, you can flip the book over to give them ten new natural objects and vistas to enjoy!---from the publisher

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