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Baaad Sheep (Urgency Emergency!)


You never know who is going to show up at the City Hospital.  This time the ambulance brings in there sick sheep accompanied by one Farmer MacDonald.  What's wrong with the sheep? They all have tummy aches. Have they been drinking too much soda?  Uh oh...their tummies are filling up - up - up........and suddenly.....

Can Doctor Glenda save the day?  Sometimes bathroom humor is all you need to become a lifelong reader!

48 pages  Ages 4-8  978-0807583494

Other books in the series: Mrs. Rabbit's Babies; Little Elephants's Blocked Trunk; Itsy Bitsy Spider; Big Bad Wolf; Humpty's Fall

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge, abookandahug.com

From Albert Whitman:


Three sheep arrive at City Hospital with upset tummies. Have they had too much fun and soda pop at Old MacDonald's farm? The gas inside their bellies is building up quickly! Can Doctor Glenda and Nurse Percy save the day once again? With brightly colored illustrations on every page, minimal easy-to-read text, and a brilliantly fast-paced plot, this animal hospital adventure based on the Little Bo Peep and Old MacDonald nursery rhymes will have young readers gulping up the pages!

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