Aurelia is next in line to rule the kingdom of Tyralt. Even though she was raised to be a ruler she would much rather be an ordinary citizen who can roam and do what they want. Someone who is not forced to marry the prince her father selects just so they can have more power and money. She has pushed against these rules for years being a very out spoken and rebellious princess. Now someone wants her dead and Robert, the son of her father’s former royal spy, is hired to find out who is seeking her life.

Robert and Aurelia were good friends from childhood and had not seen each other in many years. As they spend time together they find that there might be more than friendship in their relationship now. Robert and Aurelia work together to uncover clues and find who is out to kill her. When they think they know who the killer is they set up a trap to catch them. Robert is mislead by his cousin and almost misses the meeting between the Aurelia and the supposed killer.

When answers are revealed they are shocked to learn the name of the killer. Even with the killer found Aurelia cannot settle down and live the royal life. It is adventure she wants. Will she take it? And will Robert go with her? 246 pages

Recommended by Joleen Waltman , Librarian, Idaho, USA

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