Aunt Eater's Mystery Christmas

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Aunt Eater's Mystery Christmas

Aunt Eater the anteater sees a mystery waiting to be solved everywhere she goes. It's Chrismas time and Aunt Eater has gone to town to do her shopping. As she visits the shops she sees a note that tells her someone is going to rob the jewelry store. When she goes home to clean and take the garbage out, she sees someone sneaking behind her neighbor's house...a robber to be sure. When she goes to visit her neighbor, Mrs. Plum, she learns that her hat and coat are missing and she cannot find her twins. It's one mystery after another. That night her sister, Eliza, comes to visit. When Aunt Eater tries to fall asleep, she hears one strange noise after another so she gets up to investigate. But this is a very special night and Aunt Eater learns that Christmas is filled with mystery. 64 pages An I Can Read Book Ages 5-8

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