Audacity Jones to the Rescue Book 1


Audacity Jones is the least favorite orphan at Miss Maisy's School for Wayward Girls which is exactly why she knows her way to the Punishment Room perfectly.  The other girls cringe as she goes to the chamber of torture yet again.  

So, it comes as no surprise that when Commodore Crutchfield - a seemingly well-to-do gentleman- comes looking for an orphan to adopt, it's Audie who is sent packing.

It's the year 1910 and President Taft, his wife and son Charlie, occupy the White House.  New Year's Day is rolling around with its annual reception where the public gets to greet its president in Washington, D.C.

Audie has no idea she is about to find herself in the middle of a conspiracy...a sinister plot.  Magic is in the air, sparks of humor fly and Audie and her own team fight back.  The Commodore and his crew really picked the wrong orphan for this caper.

Adventure, self-reliance, friendship, humor come together to create a mildly suspenseful and entertaining adventure.  Written for the faint of heart.

Ages 8-12  978-0545840569  209 pages

Sequel:  Audacity Jones Steals the Show

Recommended b:;  Barb Langridge,


From the Library of Congress:

n 1910, AudacityJones is an eleven-year-old orphan living a monotonous life at Miss Maisie's School for Wayward Girls, and wondering why nothing exciting ever happens--but when the mysterious Commodore Crutchfield whisks her away to Washington D.C., she finds herself involved in a sinister and dangerous plot against the president of the United States.

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