Atlantis Rising

Atlantis Rising

Hold onto your pants, gather your quiggleypottle, and take the first step on this unexpected journey that tiptoes into a sparkling, trembling, quivering world of newfound mythological creatures and explodes beyond any known limit and boundary through the powerful imagination of T.A.Barron. 

“Layer upon layer. Change after change.  Mysteries within mysteries.” Welcome to the world of Ellegandia where the Divine Monk, the High Priestess and the magic of the Starstone are just about to collide in a crashing, fascinating, life altering explosion.

Promi is a thief surviving alone on the streets by nabbing a pie or a cinnamon bun whenever the hunger strikes him.  But life has caught his attention.  The High Priest, Grukarr, is making his presence known in the marketplace and unbeknownst to this powerful man, his own arrogance is about to bring him a startling new reality.  Promi heard the screams of the boy who had failed to bow in the presence of the High Priest and Promi has made a choice to give the High Priest a new picture of the world…and this picture will include having a knife thrown artfully enough to just miss.

The layers of Ellegandia have stood firm since the war of the immortals and the mortals centuries before.  In these new times changes are emerging.  Power and greed and arrogance are surging forward in the mortal world while a battle thunders above in the sphere of the immortals.  Unimaginably, the Great Forest with all of its natural treasure, bounty and magic is the target of the darkest forces.

What can a mere thief do against these enormous forces of evil?  Perhaps a young girl named Atlanta can show him the way.  Perhaps his newfound magical ability…the power of Listening… will be enough to guide him up the right pathway. 

What is the power of one human being?  What choices do we hold?  Where does our own true power lie?  Where is our true place in this world, what have we done to the beautiful natural magic born of our Earth and running through our own veins and hopes, and what lies beyond the world we know so well with our five senses?

This story takes us to a place no other children’s book has dared to visit before.  It takes us into our own souls and opens the doors to our truth and has the courage to envision and lead us into the wilderness that is beloved, familiar and beyond the scope of our knowledge. 

The greatest mysteries of where we come from and the essence of what it means to be human beings along with the responsibilities and the choices we hold in our own hands, are delivered with a poetic magnificence.  Michelangelo had his marble and T.A. Barron has words.  Both carve masterpieces that convey more than the simple human form or story.  

365 pages  Ages 10 and up  978-0399257575

Recommended by:  Barb

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