Ashes Seeds of America Trilogy Book 3


We think of history as being filled with dramatic moments that change the world.  Battles and violence and great speeches that move men's hearts.  Truly history is made every day by each human being.  This is the final chapter in the lives of characters we have been following through the American Revolution.  Their story is filled more with determination and courage and less with drama and passion.  

Isabel and Curzon are moving on deeper and deeper into the south and nearer and nearer to the heart of the war in their search for Isabel's young sister, Ruth.  It's been so many years  since Isabel and Ruth have seen each other.  Would Ruth even recognize Isabel?  Isabel's heart is aching to put what remains of her family back together.  But the two sisters are going to discover each other in the middle of the battle of Yorktown .. the end of the war if they only knew it.  

What sort of perseverance and determination will it take to restore their relationship and trust?  What dangers await them as they come nearer and nearer to the two armies coming close to a final climax?  Are the British a safe harbor or should they choose to throw their stake in with the Americans?  

The dangers, loves and struggles of these two sisters take us into the midst of the war and bring the world of the last days of the colonies to life.  Characters we have come to love are brought to life with dignity and integrity. This is a triumphant finale to the journey of our valiant and courageous sisters.  


< p>    295 pages

978-1416961468 Ages 10-14

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,

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