Alexandra knew she needed to get away. Aunt Hannah was all she had left, but then came the deadly diagnosis – a tumor in her brain. But Alex has decided to make some of her own decisions, which is why she’s in the Waucamaw Mountains, miles away from her old life, no treatments just serenity…

What can go wrong does, but then something odd happens. Alex also notices a change in herself. She experiences things again that she hasn’t been able to since the chemotherapy started, like taste and smell. More than that, she can sense the mood and energy of things through her sense of smell, and something is definitely not right.

If your teens are gobbling (pun intended) up zombie books, this one will do your collection justice. Ilsa J. Bick not only reinforces her novel with page-turning action, but also creates a world gone horribly wrong. Readers will find themselves submerged in the details of this new world after “the Zap” as well as in the plot only to find that what one expects to happen, doesn’t always.

Recommended by Naomi Bates, Librarian, Texas

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********* this isn't normally something I would read. That's such a funny statement, being that I couldn't put the book down! I would equate Ashes to the movie Red Dawn meets Hunger Games meets any Zombie movie available! CAUTION....This book is not for the weak! You better have a strong stomach if you are going to pick this one up! Anyone who enjoys survival, Dystopian, and apocalypse stories will eat this one alive....pardon the pun!

What I liked about Ashes was Alex, the lead female character. She's strong. She's a survivor. She kicks serious tail. Ilsa Bick does a great job of creating mystery, suspense, and does a fabulous job with the cliffhanger....but GOOD NIGHT.....what a'll leave you with your mouth dropped wide open! So the question looms....will I read the 2nd one? Normally, I wouldn't....just not my type of book, but with the way the book better believe I'll be reading the next one!! 

Recommended by Shawn Lane, Librarian, Texas USA

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