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Ascendance Series Book 4: The Captive Kingdom

the captive kingdom

And he's back.  If you have read this series from the beginning then you know the story of Jaron.  We met him in book one when he was an orphan chosen to act as a fake prince after the royal family was murdered.  Intrigue and betrayal all around.

This is Book 4 of the Ascendance series and King Jaron is getting bored with and tired of all the meetings and requirements.  When the chance to set off on a royal visit arrives, Jaron and his intended, Imogen, are delighted to leave the tedium and have some new adventures.

They never expected this kind of adventure.  On the way home through pirate infested waters a strange ship and crew bullies its way to the ship carrying Jaron and Imogen.  The female captain is demanding they turn over King Jaron.

So you get the picture here.  But let me tell you - if you love Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) from the Pirates of the Caribbean series, you are going to get a huge kick out of King Jaron...Jack and Jaron may just be twins separated at birth.  The tone and the talk are pure Sparrow.  You can totally see this story played out on the big screen.  Hilarious.

The plot thickens when it appears Jaron's brother, previously assumed to have been murdered, may be alive.

384 pages                        978-1338551082                    Ages 12 and up

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge, abookandahug.com


In a peaceful Carthya, Jaron leads as the Ascendant King with Imogen beside him -- but the peace he fought so long for is not destined to last.

On a routine sea voyage, Jaron's ship is brutally attacked, and he is taken hostage. The mysterious captors and their leader, Jane Strick, accuse Jaron of unthinkable acts. They are also in possession of some shocking items -- including the crown and sword that belonged to Jaron's older brother, Darius. The items unearth a past Jaron thought he had put behind him.

Though it seems impossible, Jaron must consider: Could Darius be alive? And what does Strick want from Jaron? Against his will, Jaron will be pulled back into a fight for the throne -- and a battle to save his kingdom.

Return to Carthya to uncover new secrets, high-stakes action, and Jennifer A. Nielsen's signature breathtaking twists.---from the publisher

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