Arthur's Camp Out

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Arthur's Camp Out

Arthur versus his little sister Violet-Round Nine. This is the ninth book in the Arthur series by Lillian Hoban and we find the two chimp siblings out in the front yard on a hot summer's day. Violet has just found a bug in the grass which Arthur pooh poohs as baby science and not real science at all. Whatever Arthur, whatever. The babysitter gives Arthur a big bag and assigns him the job of cleaning up the yard. Along the way Arthur decides to go on a field trip and naturally tells Violet she can come along. As they set forth, they run into some of Violet's friends who are going on a camp out. A few insults are traded and then Arthur goes off by himself and Violet joins her friends. Arthur ends up wet and on the run from bats and he shows up at the girl's campfire where they are singing songs and roasting hot dogs. Another day and night in the life of the squabbling chimps. 64 pages I Can Read Ages 4-8

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