Armadilly Chili

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Armadilly Chili

There's a cold wind a'blowin in the desert and Miss Billie Armadilly has decided to warm things up by stirring up a pot of chili. She needs to get her ingredients together and sets off to gather some beetles first thing. As her tarantula friend, Tex, comes by she invites him to help her collect those beetles using his God-given talents, but Tex says no he has better things to do. The Little Red Hen could have explained all this to Miss Billie but that's another story and so it goes as Miss Billie putters from here to there looking for peppers and chilies and a chop or two of prickly pear cactus and so on down the list on her recipe. But, her friends are going dancing, to the movies and skating and they're going to leave Miss Billie to do it all by herself. Now, I expect you can smell that chili simmering right now and so could all those friends of hers and so one by one they come sidling up and asking to share in the good food. Miss Billie has an answer for them all. "No workin' with Billie, no sharin' the chili" she tells them. But somehow that chilly night filled with the yummy smells of that delicious chili just isn't turning out quite right. Seems Miss Billie, the armadillo, may have forgotten an important ingredient after all. Ages 5-8 32 pages

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