A Really Short History of Nearly Everything

A Really Short History of Nearly Everything

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Delacorte 2011
Science Curriculum

Summary/Recommendation Bryson divides his answers to the origin and nature of the universe into six major sections, starting with the very beginning of time in “Lost in the Cosmos.” The remaining sections are “The Size of the Earth,” “A New Age Dawns,” “Dangerous Planet,” “Life Itself,” and the conclusion, “The Road to Us.” (Have a conversion chart nearby as distances are in kilometers for the distances described. Otherwise, the impact could be lost on users of U.S. standard measurement.) Within the major sections of this seemly too ambitious a book are two to three-page articles on the history of “nearly everything.” The Big Bang, dinosaurs, atoms, the Theory of Relativity, the Mount St. Helens eruption, and infectious organisms, it’s all in here for the science lover who wants the down and dirty. While not enough detail is provided for writing a report on any of these topics, the relatively breezy writing style and illustrations invite further study. Photographs are provided when illustrations would seem inadequate. This is a book geared to those who love science and display an aptitude for understanding and appreciating difficult concepts. Recommended by Katherine Stehman, Librarian, Pennsylvania USA

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