April and Esme, Tooth Fairies

April and Esme, Tooth Fairies

April and Esme are young tooth fairy sisters who haven't taken their first tooth from anyone yet until April gets a call on her cell phone from Daniel's grandmother requesting that April come to Daniel's house to take his missing tooth away. After discussing this request with their tooth fairy parents, with reservations and the giving of advice, they allow their daughters to voyage into the night to successfully complete the job of taking Daniel's tooth and bringing it back home to proudly display from the rafters of their home.

Bob Graham's creative, beautifully detailed illustrations enhance his delightful story of two young siblings coming of age. His creation of the tooth fairy family characters experiencing contemporary real life situations is what all readers can and would immediately relate to that make this story so heartwarming. A definite choice for any school or home library.

Recommended by Tina Nabinger, Librarian, New York

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