Anna Hibiscus, Book 1

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Anna Hibiscus, Book 1

Dorothy, we're not in Kansas anymore. No, we've headed all the way to Africa. Meet Anna Hibiscus and her wonderful family full of children named Miracle, Sweetheart, Double, Trouble, Angel, Joy and Charity and her Auntie Comfort who lives in the United States and her grandparents for whom the entire family bends a knee out of great respect. There is Uncle Tunde who understands what Anna needs and who shares his heart and his cell phone for texting when a text just must be sent. There is the wisdom of the grandparents who worked so hard so that Anna Hibiscus could live in a great white house with orange trees and not have to sell oranges on the streets. There is Granny Canada who invites Anna HIbiscus to come to visit her to see the wonder of snow. Will Auntie Comfort break the grandparents' hearts when she comes to visit by ignoring her African roots? What lesson will be learned when Anna Hibiscus tries to break out of the silence and boredom of her compound by selling oranges from the family trees? Will Anna ever see that mysterious wonder called snow? Can Anna's mother get the peace and quiet she needs by getting away from the chatter and intrusion of so many family members who sleep together, eat together, work together and play together? The richness of family comes roaring through and the storytelling is a joyful collage of tradition, wonder, and gratitude. Four stories are told with such insight into the universal hearts and minds of children and the messages are warm, wise and reassuring us that the world is truly a wonderful place to be. Heartwarming and not to be missed. 112 pages Ages 7-10

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