Animals Illustrated: Polar Bear

Animals Illustrated:  Polar Bear

William Flaherty is a conservation officer and an avid hunter from Iqaluit, Nunavut.  He writes about the polar bears who live in the Arctic Ocean and who have been a part of the culture and survival of the Inuit people for generations.  

This informative introduction to polar bears includes their range, diet, babies, their predators, information on polar bears as hunters and swimmers.  Gently and warmly illustrated, the book hits a high point with the carefully drawn skeleton which sits against a black background illuminating each bone and creating a feeling of mystery and power.

The book completes its introduction to polar bears with a mention of the place polar bears hold in Inuit mythology.

24 pages   978-1772270792   Ages  6-10

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,



Animals Illustrated mixes fun-filled animal facts suitable for the youngest of readers with intricately detailed illustrations to create a unique and beautiful collection of children’s non-fiction books on Arctic animals. Each volume contains first-hand accounts from authors who live in the Arctic, along with interesting facts on the behaviours and biology of each animal.

Kids will learn how polar bears raise their babies, what they eat and how they hunt, where they can be found, and other interesting information, like the fact that polar bears actually have transparent fur and black skin!--from the publisher

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