Animal Rescue Team: Gator on the Loose

Animal Rescue Team:  Gator on the Loose

When the phone rings at Carter's Urban Rescue, Keisha answers and tries to sound like a recording. She has big plans for going to the pool today and she doesn't want anyone to change them. But, unfortunately, the voice on the other end of the line has called before and knows perfectly well that it's Keisha. The voice belongs to the community pool manager and he has big trouble. That trouble is in the shape of an alligator. A three-footer plus tail and it's in the pool. The animal control people aren't answering the phone and neither is the zoo. This guy's only hope is Carter's. So off they go, strawberry blond headed Dad, five year old Razi, Grandma in her OL (old lady) jeans and armed with the SPF 50 and Keisha. Now, how do you catch an alligator? Well, you certainly don't want to have a FTC-a Failure to Communicate. But, if you do have an FTC, then you'll probably have to call a CFC-Carter Family Conference. Mrs. Carter, aka Mom, grew up in Nigeria and does not like CFP's-Carter Family Pets. You can imagine the excitement when she finds out they've brought home an alligator to live in the bathtub. Little brothers, big sisters, alligators, Grandmas, friends-you put them all together and what do you get? An alligator on the loose! Great fun and wonderful ups and downs for independent readers. Did anyone say puppy? 149 pages Ages 8-10

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