Animal Motions

Animal Motions

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All the world's a stage and our youngest children can be players right in their own homes through the imagination and experienced hand of Melissa Pilgrim, former artistic director at a theater outside of Chicago.  Clearly she loves to work with children both to get their bodies moving and to get their imaginations charged.

This brightly illustrated story follows a smiling, jean-clad towhead as he wakes up and goes about his day.  Using his imagination he stretches his body up high to become a giraffe, swings his arms together just like an elephant's trunk, slithers, hops and sags.  Every pose he discovers his mighty body can hold has a connection to an elephant so it moves way beyond exercise and becomes creative play.

What animal are you?  How would that animal move?  Following this lad from animal to animal gives your body a nice, low-impact workout custom made for a rainy day, a snowy day or just for the pure joy of experiencing it.  

The book guides you from one animal to the next and the directions for how to move are simple and well-illustrated.

The closest I've seen to this is HEAD TO TOE by Eric Carle and we all know how much fun that one is.  This version is for older children and has more emphasis on the body.   It can easily lead into dramatic play or follow the direction into more physical play.  Or both.

The illustrations lend themselves to cariacature which lights each page with a touch of humor and fun along with the bright colors and energy.  

The author offers two lesson plans one for preschoolers and one for kindergarteners.  This would be a favorite for the classroom.

Recommended by:  Barb

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Kindergarten Lesson Plan:

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