Angel of the Battlefield (Treasure Chest, Book 1)

Angel of the Battlefield (Treasure Chest, Book 1)

“Maisie and Felix felt themselves being lifted. Nothing stopped them from rising higher and higher and actually being carried away. They held their breaths. Then they dropped.”

  In this first of a series, twelve-year old twins Maisie and Felix Robbins have moved to Newport Rhode Island to stay in the servants’ apartment of the seventy-room “cottage” their great-great-grandfather build. The twins are unhappy with their parents’ divorce and the recent move from New York City to Newport. After receiving a tour of the “cottage”, known as Elm Medona, something unusual happens.

  An expensive Ming vase appears to break and leave its pieces in a straight line, like a trail of breadcrumbs, which leads to a hidden room called The Treasure Chest, and which is strictly forbidden (as is the rest of the cottage). Upon sneaking into the Treasure Chest one night, Felix and Maisie scrabble over a piece of historic paper and are transported back in time to 1836 where they meet young Clara Barton. Their return to the future is dependent on figuring out why they have landed in Clara Barton’s backyard.

   Once the twins have their adventure, the reader wants to find out whether or not they make it back to the present. The author includes four pages of biographical information about Clara Barton which help frame the story but may not necessarily be read to enjoy the adventure. 193 pages  Ages  7-11   978-0448454672

  Good for those finished with Magic Treehouse Series and looking for something a little longer. Also great for those who enjoyed the 39 Clues.

Recommended by: Alice Cyphers, Librarian, Pennsylvania USA

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