Angel Burn (Book 1)

Angel Burn  (Book 1)

   Willow is known as “Queen Weird” at her high school. She can fix cars and is a physic – being able to see into people’s futures and know their feelings just by touching them. One day Beth from school wants Willow to tell her, her future and what Willow sees will change her life forever.

   Beth thinks she is blessed by an angel and wants to join The Church of Angels but Willow sees the angels feeding on human life sources which damages their minds and ruins their bodies.

   Alex is known as an AK (angel killer). He believes the CIA is directing him on where to go and who to kill but when he is sent to kill Willow things don’t look right. Willow doesn’t look like the other angels and when he learns that Willow might be able to stop the angel invasion he takes Willow on the run.

   The Church of Angels cult wants her dead and as they run she learns she is half-angel and by then end of the story learns who her father is.

   A secondary plotline where Willow and Alex start falling in love intermixes with the story. I thought this storyline was different than many others I have read and really enjoyed this book. Ages 14 and up 449 pages  B007MXBISQ

Recommended by: Joleen Waltman, Librarian, Idaho USA

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