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  • Ancient, Strange, and Lovely (Dragon Chronicles, 4)

Ancient, Strange, and Lovely (Dragon Chronicles, 4)

Ancient, Strange, and Lovely (Dragon Chronicles, 4)

Bryn and her bird Stella can sense something alive in the ancient egg. Why was it with the soil samples sent from her mom’s Alaska research site after her disappearance.

Everyone in her family can “ken” – sense the minds of birds – and their own bird companion chooses them at age 5. It’s been that way for as long as anyone remembers. Stella and Bryn’s sister’s bird are just fixated on that egg, watching it as it vibrates and shivers and cracks…

When a pink lizard-something emerges from the egg, Bryn forgets about the widespread cancer of her times, about the pollutants and chemicals causing mutations in animals and humans, about everything except caring for the lizard, her sister, and their birds. Because now their dad has disappeared, too, and frightening news is filtering down from Alaska to their Oregon home.

As Bryn and her slightly-crazy new friend Sasha start investigating what the lizard really is, they stumble onto a black market ring that sells unique fossils stolen from research sites, including an egg just like theirs. The hatchling begins to puff flames and float when sleeping – it’s a baby dragon! With the bad guys in pursuit, the teens and the dracling head for Alaska, hoping to find answers before it’s too late.

The story of ecology, love, and consequences begun in Fletcher’s earlier dragon books reaches into our potential future in this fascinating continuation of her “Dragon Chronicles.”

Recommended by: Katy Manck, Librarian-at-Large (retired academic/corporate/school librarian), Gilmer, Texas, USA

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