An Awesome Book of Love

An Awesome Book of Love

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Harper Collins January 2013
Character-Building Curriculum

This little book unabashedly shouts out its love!  No shy retiring voice here.  But it talks to us... or should I say almost sings to us... in a voice that Dr. Seuss would highly approve.  The illustrations offer small vignettes of lovable moments.  There's a mother lion looking down at her cub and it appears "someone" has broken the lamp in the living room and knocked the flowers off the coffee table.  The text reads," But you know that's not all that this love is about.  Sometimes it's a whisper when you feel you could shout."  There's a tiny mouse all alone and surrounded by such enormity.  There's a rabbit (I think) rowing his boat as a giant wave approaches behind him and the story says, "It's about living life with such strength and emotion and knowing that waves are just part of the ocean."

For any child who needs to hear those magic words, I love you, they are repeated and celebrated over and over in energetic colors and patterns and building materials.

The love celebrates the differences between us and the power of love to be there in all moments.  There is a magical connection between two people that is so huge and wonderfully present and powerful that it will stay there and be there through all that life brings.

Read it aloud to your loved ones and take a moment to read it aloud to yourself.  It's fun and I don't think anyone of us hears the words enough.

Recommended by:  Barb

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