An Anthology of Aquatic Life

an anthology of aquatic life

It is no secret that I have long been a fan of the non fiction produced by DK Publishing as a source for non fiction for young readers, and this latest one in a series which includes Nature's TreasuresDinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Life, and Universe s no exception. 

This time the reader is taken an enthralling journey through the aquatic world that spans  the deepest, widest ocean to the tiniest puddle. Each page, with its stunning illustrations and easily accessible text introduces amazing animals, ingenious plants, and much more  within the categories of deep ocean, shallow seas, wetlands, rivers lakes and ponds, covering s diversity of watery habitats that each houses its unique lifeforms, some familiar, many not-so. It also includes a timeline of life moving from water to land, as conversely, land back to water, while the index is in the form of a visual guide that allows the browser to follow up on what piques their interest visually.

It is a fascinating dip-and -delve book that offers an entree that will satisfy the taste buds of the generally curious while encouraging those with a deeper interest to go in search of the main course. DK editors know what young readers are interested in and they know how to present it so that the imagination is captured while the information is shared and that's a winning combination, in my opinion.

Recommended by:  Barbara Braxton, Teacher Librarian, New South Wales  AUSTRALIA

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Dive into the wondrous world of water and discover the stories of more than 100 incredible aquatic lifeforms.

The underwater world is so much bigger than young minds can fathom and there is always more to learn. An Anthology of Aquatic Life is a stunning ocean encyclopedia for young readers to explore, with reference pages packed with fascinating information, little learners will be captivated as they discover the facts, stories and myths behind their favourite sea-life animals.

From the deepest, widest ocean to the tiniest puddle, this beautiful compendium takes young readers on an enthralling journey through the aquatic world, meeting amazing animals, ingenious plants, and much more along the way. Stunning photography and gorgeous illustrations complement storybook descriptions about each lifeform, and children can uncover hundreds of fascinating facts as they read. Did you know that elephant seals can hold their breath underwater for more than an hour, or that the brown basilisk reptile can run across water? Discover the science of how plants have learnt to live, feed, and breathe in water, and take a look at the unique challenges of distinct ecosystems on feature spreads about rivers, lakes, wetlands, and more.

Celebrate your child’s curiosity as they: - Explore detailed photographs and striking illustrations of nature in action - Reveal fun facts and myths about how a range of animals and plants adapt to their environments - Uncover more than 100 aquatic lifeforms, each with stunning images and captivating information.

This ocean encyclopedia for children is the perfect blend of storybook style text with out of this world illustrations which makes it a fantastic sea life book for children who are obsessed with the underwater world. Encourage young readers to go on a journey to explore a world of information, making this the ideal first reference book for kids aged 7-9 to enjoy for hours on end, whether reading with the family or reading alone, this fun fact book also doubles up as the perfect gift for curious kids who love to learn. ---from the publisher

224 pages                              978-0744059823                                     Ages 7-11

Keywords:  anthology, ocean, environment, habitat, science, Science Curriculum, information, 7 year old, 8 year old, 9 year old, 10 year old, 11 year

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