Amber House


When Sarah’s grandmother dies, her mother takes her and her brother Sammy to Maryland to attend the funeral. While her mother starts to shut down “Amber House” and gets it ready for sale, Sarah meets Jackson, a family friend’s son and Richard Hathaway, a prominent senator’s son. This is the start of a love triangle and an adventure that leaves Sarah breathless trying to find all of the answers.

Sarah finds that she can see into the past through short visions or “echoes” as her family has called them for generations. While learning how to navigate through this new found ability she finds herself caught up in the ghosts of Amber House, the mansions character, the hedge maze and tunnels of the house and hundreds of years of family secrets.

When she sees that Sammy’s life might be in danger she knows she has to find the answers that will save not only Sammy but maybe Amber House too. With the help of Jackson who also has visions she finds herself in a race that she may not survive.

349 pages Ages 14 and up 9780545434164

Recommended by: Joleen Waltman, Librarian, Aberdeen IDAHO USA

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