Amber Brown Book 11 Amber Brown Is On the Move

amber brown is on the move b

I, Amber Brown, have boxes to fill. Now that Amber’s mom and Max are married, the three of them are moving to a new house and Amber is worried about more than just packing. How can she leave the home her dad used to live in? And with her dad dating again, how will they ever find time for just the two of them?

All of these changes make Amber's head spin, but with standardized tests coming up at school as well as a dance competition, she needs to focus more than ever. If Amber wants to adjust to her new life and survive the school year, she'd better get moving!---from the publisher

192 pages                            978-0147512239                        Ages 7-10

Keywords:  girls and women, family, moving, stepfamilies, father/daughter, school issues, chapter book, humor, part of a series, new experiences, 7 year old, 8 year old, 9 year old, 10 year old

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