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No one ever thinks that they could be homeless, but sometimes circumstances are beyond your control. This is the case with sixth grader, Sugar Mae and her mother Reba. Suddenly Sugar is one of "those" people living in shelters, eating food the church ladies prepare. Things complicate further when Reba has a complete break down sending her to a mental hospital to try and regain her mental status as well as her Sugar who is now living in a foster home. The foster parents treat Sugar like a daughter so it fells is "Almost Home.". Just when Reba is coming around, her gambling, drinking husband shows up saying he's ready to start over and regain his family. He's talk and charm, which Reba cannot seem to refuse. Oh the puppy on the cover, that's Shush, who steals everyone's heart. This story will tug at all of your emotions. And for my teacher friends, the story once again demonstrates the powerful influence you have on students as Sugar relies on her sixth grade teacher, Mr. B.
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