Almond Tree

Almond Tree

On Ichmad Hamid’s twelfth birthday he sees his greatest fears come to life.
Ichmad has always been very gifted intellectually which has always impressed the elders in the village where he lives. But living on occupied land not only his family but the entire village lives in fear of losing their jobs, homes and belongings. But most scary of all they live in fear of losing each other.
Then he witnesses his father captured and taken to prison and his family loses their home and belongings. He watches as his siblings soon succumb to hatred while experiencing this great conflict. He also has to witness death and severe injuries to some of his family members.
Even at twelve Ichmad knows it is up to him as head of the household to use the talents he has to help his family. He overcomes hate and adversity and questions everything as he makes something of himself despite his poverty and strong prejudices.
He gets the chance to go to university where he once again sees great hatred and prejudice, even from some of his teachers. Despite his own strong prejudices he begins research work with one of his professors - a Jew. This leads to many experiences that help to shape his life and allows him to help his family monetarily.
One day many years later Ichmad realizes that he has lost touch with his fellow Palestinians. Even though he has helped his family all these years does he really know and understand what is really going on with his people?
While this is a fictional story much of the story is based on the truth of what is today’s world.

348 pages Ages 14 and up   978-1859643297

Recommended by:  Joleen Waltman, Librarian, Idaho USA

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