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  • Alliance: The Paladin Prophecy, Book II

Alliance: The Paladin Prophecy, Book II


Will West is watching as his mentor, Jericho, throws a silver dollar out into the middle of a lake and then directs Will to find the dollar and bring it back.  Never in his wildest dreams did Will expect that he could walk on water nor did he know he could "call" the coin to his hand from its place embedded in ice and mud.

Superpowers anyone?  Will West has them and so do his four friends and they are going to need them as they go up against the dark powers of the Other Team.  The friends are holding some unanswered questions. Did they destroy the Knights of Charlemagne?  What is the place called Never Was and who controls it?  Will they have enough power among them to stop the Knights, the Caps and the Other Team from taking control of the world?

The challenges of Book One twist and turn as each of the group discovers new possibilities with their individual abilities.  Their courage and their loyalty carry them forward to a place where betrayal emerges and the dark powers seem to hold sway.  Their explorations will lead them to an entirely unexpected historical context for their battles and their own identities.

Action, adventure, superpowers combine for a satisfying read for those looking for a new dystopian series to devour.

978-0375870460   339 pages   Ages 12 and up

Recommended by:  Barb

Read alines:  SILVER SEQUENCE series, QUANTUM PROPHECY series

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