All the World

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There is wonder in our world if we stop and appreciate it and this book is a great guide for children to learn to celebrate the special things in each day. Sailing through the day, this multiracial family is experiencing such glorious moments together. Walking, climbing, seeing the sights whether it's raining or sunning on them, they are joyful. There are seasides and mountains and gardens filled with tantalizing vegetables and fruits. There is the sound of a bell pealing out and the warmth of a family gathered together inside with the glowing light at the day's end. There's even a moment as the sun sets when we can all just hold still and watch and feel and know how lucky we are to have this day and the possibilities of tomorrow. The two women whose talents created this both came from their hearts. Their book says in words and pictures what we might struggle to understand and communicate. It's a great gift to share with a child. 40 pages Ages 4-9

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