All Our Yesterdays

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A drain at the center of a concrete floor is where the power lies in the violent, tortured world of Em.  She's being held in a secret military base by unknown enemies who want something from her she will never give no matter how much pain and desperation she feels.  In the cell next door waits Finn, a boy she knows from her past but whose face she never sees.  It's his voice that encourages her and it's his voice that brings her closest to giving up as he screams in terror and excruciating pain.  "They" know she is listening and they intend to break her by hurting him.

This is the story of three teenagers who attend the finest of Washington D.C.'s private schools.  For two of them life is filled with power, privilege and money.  For two of them love is waiting to be acknowledged and expressed.  For two of them a mission has been thrust upon them that is beyond their worst nightmares.  For one of them the power to change time and the history of the world could be real.

"Kill him."  Can the two turn against the third if that's the only way out of this unimaginable danger.  Desperately they travel through time to change the future.

Told from the unique perspectives of the characters, this story winds itself in carefully plotted moves until the scenes start flashing and swirling faster and faster bringing you closer and closer to the answers you aren't sure you even want to learn.  Psychologically tense, brilliantly choreographed, and intensely mesmerizing, you'll have a hard time putting this one down.

Ages 14 and up    360 pages   978-1423176374

Recommended by:  Barb

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