All of Me! A Book of Thanks

All of Me!  A Book of Thanks

Sometimes you pick up a book and you read maybe three pages into it and you get that wonderful satisfied feeling and then you can't wait to see what else is coming. This is one of those books.

For every little person in the world this is a celebration of their unique little being and of the wonder of the world around them. We discover ourselves as we grow up-first our hands and feet and mouths and then our ability to stand and walk and run and go out into the world. We find all of the reassuring parts of our rooms and our houses and our families. The lamp is always there and hug is there, too. This book with an African American cast of characters plus General Tank, an obviously very special cat, reassures every reader that their specialness is seen and felt and that the world is there for them to explore and belong to. What a great read to explain gratitude to young listeners and what a great book for every day of your life.

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