All Different Now Juneteenth First Day of Freedom


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Simon and Schuster 2014
  • Character-Building Curriculum
  • Social Studies Curriculum

The Emanicipation Proclamation is part of the American history that every child learns.  It's the answer to a fill-in-the-blank question or maybe the topic of an essay.  But history is about real people and this story is the re-living of what it would have been like to have been a slave family on a hot June day in Texas.  

On June 18th you would wake up to the same oppressive day as the one before.  But the next day, on June 19th, you would wake up free.  "What was before would be no more."  What would it have been like to have stood together knowing the world had just shifted and your life was now your own?

Imagine that morning, packing your things and turning your back as you walk away from the life that held you down.  Turning your back and walking toward the light.  Seen through the eyes of one young girl, we live the day and experience the joy and celebration of new found freedom.

978-0689873768    40 pages   Ages  6-10

Recommended by:  Barb,

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