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Eyeball evolution anyone? Alien biology and physiology? How about those technological you know the difference between a Repton Clone and a Denebian Cyborg? Just asking. Professor Allen Gray of S.P.A.C.E is about to offer you the opportunity of a lifetime. Yes, you may be proven wise enough to join in the fight against S.L.I.M.E But you'll have to solve the brainteasers in this book to prove you are good enough to become an alienologist and defend Earth from the mucous that is invading the universe and headed our way. Naturally you'll need to be up on your Alien Settlements, and then for sure, Chapter VIII which includes Alien Technology that the "human brain can't even begin to comprehend." And the grand question, have the aliens already been here? Did they leave any evidence? This is the latest in the series of Ology books that was launched with Dragonology and which has ranged from Egyptology to Pirateology to Spyology and more. If you know an eight, nine or ten year old boy, and you're looking for something to entice him away from re-reading that Star Wars book for the seventh time, here's your new best friend. Filled with flaps to lift, riddles to solve, and fun and fascinating alien possibilities. Well done! 32 pages Ages 8-13

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