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Alien and Possum: Hanging Out

Alien and Possum:  Hanging Out

Alien and Possum with a now long established friendship are facing a big problem. Alien feels as though he is one of a kind. He does not "feel like anyone else" and he does not "sound like anyone else" and he feels "ALONE." Happily, Possum convinces Alien that being one of a kind makes him amazingly special which leads in turn to Possum feeling pretty down in the dumps over his own ordinariness. He must not be special because he is like so many other possums in the world. The emotion ratchets up to the point of possible hilarity or deep empathy on the part of the reader. What a pair. The next issue is Alien's birthday.....when is it? Does he have one? Resolved with the inventiveness and concern of Possum and other friends with some highly entertaining facial expressions on the part of all. The final chapter deals with Possum's penchant for hanging upside down and Alien's difficulty sharing the experience. It's important to be your unique self and to have great friends who appreciate your specialness! The series is a remarkable blend of humor and humanity staged with an alien and a possum. Fun all the way around. Ages 8 48 pages

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