Alfie the Apostrophe

Alfie the Apostrophe

Alfie the Apostrophe is eating dinner the evening before the punctuation talent show and he is not a happy punctuation mark. How can he compete with the "question marks and the exclamation points?" Oh, maybe he would try after all. He heads into his bedroom to find his magic wand. It's the special difference he can make to turn away words. Will he be able to perform his magic? Will it be enough? The next day at school the punctuation marks gather in the auditorium and Bud Asterisk kicks off the talent show. One by one the talented marks do their thing before the cheering audience. Question marks with great questions and exclamation points cheering them on. Will Alfie stand a chance? Will he make the magic only he can do? Abracadabra.....will he or won't he? Hilarious read aloud to help children understand the use of various punctuation marks especially our favorite, the apostrophe....he he he. 32 pages Ages 6-10a

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