Alexander Hamilton The Outsider

Alexander Hamilton  The Outsider

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G.P. Putnam & Sons (Penguin) 2011
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Alexander Hamilton was one of the important forefathers of the United States of America but he did not begin his life on that continent. In fact, he was born in the West Indies and came to America upon the death of his father. There he attended school and began making the network of friends and sponsors that led him to the army and to become an aide de camp for General Washington.

Hamilton used his brilliant mind to debate the issues of the day with peers and eventually decided to join the side of the American patriots. His experience, his schooling, and his ability to organize propelled him to the role of the first Secretary of the Treasury when George Washington became president. This book tells the story of his life and offers insights into the path Hamilton followed to greatness. It includes his boyhood, schooling, marriage and professional career as a soldier, a lawyer and eventually in service of his country in its earliest years. A nice mix of history and personality.

144 pages 978-0142419861 Ages 8-12


The perfect chapter book biography for young fans of the Hamilton musical!

Most people know that Alexander Hamilton was killed in a duel with Aaron Burr, and that his face is on the ten dollar bill. But he was much more than that!

Born in the West Indies, Hamilton arrived in New York as an immigrant, an outsider. He fought in the American Revolution and became George Washington's most valuable aide-de-camp. As one of America's Founding Fathers, he was there for the writing of the Constitution and became the first Secretary of the Treasury. Jean Fritz's award-winning talent for bringing history to life shines as she shares the true story of Alexander Hamilton, a man of action who was honorable, ambitious, and fiercely loyal to his adopted country.---from the publisher

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