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Alexander Who's Not (Do You Hear Me, I Mean It) Going to Move

Alexander Who's Not (Do You Hear Me, I Mean It) Going to Move

Alexander is pretty determined that he is not going to move. His father has a new job and the rest of the family has started to fill cartons with their stuff. His older brothers already know they are going to have ready made new friends who live on the same street as the new house. But, not Alexander and he'd rather have poison ivy than move. Turns out there are so many things he likes about where he lives now. He has a best friend, and a dry cleaner he likes, his soccer team and the pickle barrel at the local store. He starts planning where he can find a new home or at least a place to hide. His brothers tell him he's being immature and needs a brain transplant. There are just so many memories that tie him to this house and this life. But, wait...now he hears that he can call his best friend all he wants, and maybe even get a second dog, and share a room with his brother if he gets scared at night. Maybe there's hope for this moving thing after all. This is the classic go-to book on moving for kids. It captures all the anger and fear and powerlessness that kids can feel when their entire life changes through no fault of their own.

Ages 4-9 32 pages


Alexander is back and he is absolutely determined that he is not going to move 1000 miles away from his friends and the neighborhood he knows so well. He has some ideas about just who might take him in since his parents are determined to go ahead with this moving thing. Gradually, the possibility of a dog and some long distance phone calls back to his friends begin to bring him around. The wonder of the story is the whole spectrum of feelings that Alexander goes through. Any child, moving or not, would understand exactly how Alexander feels and would be curious to see how he's going to handle this challenge.

Recommended by: Barb Langridge, abookandahug.com

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