Alex Rider, Book 1: Stormbreaker

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Alex Rider, Book 1:  Stormbreaker

Okay, if you haven't heard about these books and if you missed the movie somehow, don't wait any longer. The Alex Ryder series, as it is referred to, is really good stuff for boys even as young as 9. Alex Ryder, age 14, has been living with his uncle in England until now...until now because his uncle has just been killed in a car crash. Well, was it truly a car crash? Alex investigates the car down in the junkyard and finds it riddled with bullet holes. Hmm....and then, the call comes from MI6: they're recruiting Alex to complete the mission his uncle was on when he was killed. Oh yeah. So, I think secretly every young reader wonders could I do it? Can Alex do it? Maybe if Alex can do it then I could do it too. Cool! The series keeps alive with Point Blank, and on and on. It changes a bit as the series goes along. .

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