Against All Odds

Against All Odds

“These players never quit, never threw in the towel, never gave up, no matter how bad it looked.  Against all odds, they kept playing.”

Four individual athletes and one team are included in this collection of biographies about never giving up and working hard in athletics.  Tim Tebow is the first profile and the reader learns how he worked hard to become a respected player in the NFL.  Roy Riegels, known as “wrong way Riegels” made a mistake in a football game that followed him the rest of his life.  He chose to see it in a positive light and kept playing the sport he loved.  Tracy McGrady wasn’t getting the job done.  Maybe he lacked heart, but as soon as he took a different approach on the basketball court, he became a different player – a MVP. No one thought the 2011 St. Louis Cardinals would make it into the playoffs, let alone the World Series.  But when things looked bleak for this team, they discovered that if they played one inning at a time, they could defeat the Texas rangers.  Frank Reich was nothing more than a back-up quarterback for the Buffalo Bills.  No one thought he was starting quarterback material, but when the team needed him, Frank showed he had the leadership to take the Bills from behind, against all odds.

Recommended by: Alice Cyphers, Pennsylvania USA


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