Ada Potato

Ada Potato

This year Ada is able to try out for the bandestra, a band that includes string instruments. After testing her ability on a number of instruments, it is the violin that Ada begins learning to play. At first, mastering the instrument is difficult: Dad wears ear muffs while she practices, and Ada has difficulty managing violin, music, and stand. But the worst is to come: on the way to school with her violin case, she must walk through a tunnel where some teenagers hang out--and they do not miss the opportunity to tease Ada about her instrument. Even though her playing is improving, the agony of facing their bullying compels Ada to put away the violin and stop attending bandestra rehearsals. When friends ask her where she has been, and her mother says she misses the young musician's playing, Ada decides she must do something about the dilemma--and does with some help from her fellow bandestra members. Even though the book will attract readers not yet old enough to play in a school ensemble, the theme of bullying, and how to overcome it, is an important one for children of any age. Children will cheer for Ada's triumph. 24 pages. Ages 5-8

Recommended by Barbara Karp, Librarian.

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