Absolutely One Thing (Featuring Charlie and Lola)

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Lola can make even the simplest trip to the store into something memorable. Today Mom announces that she is taking Lola and Charlie to the store with her and they can get one thing. Suddenly it is as though the entire world has turned into a shower of math problems. Charlie asks if Mom means one thing to share or one thing each? Is it 2 divided by 2? How many minutes until they will leave? Ten. On a good day maybe but today it takes Charlie three minutes to brush his teeth, one minute to remember he hasn't had breakfast, four minutes to eat his cereal, three more minutes to brush his teeth and eight minutes to find Lola's shoe. Sound familiar? That makes it 3 + 1 + 4+ 3 + 8 = ???? Yep, another math problem. Lola is filled with questions and tryings. Each one results in a very patient Charlie and adventures galore. A beautiful way to show how math is integrated into every "minute" of our lives and add that to patience and caring and lots of fun and you have a pretty darn good idea of what equals a great day! Tone: playful, fun, happy, silly

32 pages  978-0763687281  Ages 4-8


From the publisher:

Count on Absolutely One Thing for a singularly funny look at simple math as encountered by Charlie and Lola.

Sometimes, as a treat, Mom takes Charlie and Lola to the store and says they may choose one thing. "One thing to share?" Lola asks. No, it’s one thing each, explains Charlie, or two actual things between two. Lola is nine minutes late getting ready, and on the way, there are ladybugs and birds to count and maybe a squillion leaves on a tree. At the store, Lola says she’ll choose three things, or possibly two. "How about no things?" asks Mom. With Lola hilariously bending everyday numbers to her will, the math goes down easy in this charming picture book loaded with visual appeal.

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