Abe Lincoln's Dream

Abe Lincoln's Dream

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Roaring Brook Press 2012

There's a room in the White House where dogs do not want to go... even if they do belong to Presidents and that room is the Lincoln Bedroom.  One day a little girl, Quincy, comes to the White House for a school tour.  She sees a tall man wearing a big black hat.  

Quincy and the tall man strike up a conversation.  He likes to tell silly jokes and he can walk through the wall.  She puts up with his jokes and takes him for a tour of the capital city.  As they fly along the tall man shares his worries with Quincy and finds out that the states are getting along just fine and people are being treated more and more as equals.  

Abraham Lincoln carried a great burden during his presidency and after he brought the nation through the Civil War he was assassinated before he could see all of his work resolve.

He tells Quincy about a dream he had the night before he died.  It was a dream about sailing to an unknown shore on a boat.  Quincy and her friendship find a way to help the ghost of Abe Lincoln satisfy the fears of his nightmare.

An inspiring ghost story that shows the progress we've made as a nation and a people and brings the challenges of the American past to our children in an intriguing way.

Ages 7-10  978-1596436084   32 pages

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