A Whole Nother Story

A Whole Nother Story

"It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" and that's "A Whole Nother Story." The entire Cheeseman family is piling into the white station wagon along with Dad's invention, a time machine known as the LVR and is racing out of reach of the CIA, the supersecret spies Aitch Dee and El Kyoo, and Agent Dushenko and his superchimp, Leon.

En route the kids will change their names and become Maggie, Jough (pronounced Joe) and Gerard, oh, and Steve, the sock puppet. Someone killed Mom a couple years ago so we know these people are serious. They want the LVR and they are prepared to do anything to get it. Anything includes dodging a yak, firing a banana, and debating the merits of scrunching and mooshing. As the family careens down the highway, they make friends with a traveling circus and encounter a ghost in a tube top. Talk about slapstick. You can see the movie play in your own head. This is one hilarious tale. This is great for reluctant readers.

Ages 9-12

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