Boy/Girl Battle, Book 5: A Traitor Among the Boys

Boy/Girl Battle, Book 5:  A Traitor Among the Boys

A New Year is a time for everyone to make a resolution, including the four Hatford brothers; Wally (9), Peter (7), Josh and Jake (11). Mrs. Hatford has discovered many of the previous tricks the boys have played on the girls, and wants them to be nicer to the girls. To concur, the Hatford brothers have vowed to treat Caroline (8), Beth (10), and Eddie Malloy (11), who moved to their neighborhood from Ohio for one year, like their own sisters. But everyone knows that brothers don't have to be nice to sisters. And sisters certainly don't have to be nice to brothers. Right?

Let the trickery begin! Phyllis Reynolds Naylor once again will have you and your young readers laughing out loud at more embarrassing moments. The pranks she describes will have you scheming what should happen next. Your children relate to things that even they do, like building the best fort! And of course, who will be the best in the end? It's a never-ending war with these kids!118 Pages

Recommended by Maddie Reynolds

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