A Single Shard

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A Single Shard

Have you ever broken something that wasn’t yours? Did you have to do chores to pay for what was broken? That’s what happened to 10-year-old Tree-Ear. He was admiring a piece of pottery created by master potter Min who lived in the same village as Tree-Ear. An orphan who lives under a bridge with Crane-man, Tree-Ear is very poor and cannot pay for the broken pottery and must work for Min to pay for the broken pottery.

Min forces Tree-Ear to do difficult and tiring jobs, but Tree-Ear works hard; he wants to impress the master potter in hopes that he’ll allow Tree-Ear to be his apprentice. Tree-Ear proves to be a good worker and a quick learner. After his debt is paid, Min agrees to let Tree-Ear continue to work in exchange for food.

Later, when Min entrusts two of his best celadon pottery pots to Tree-Ear to deliver to the king’s emissary, he must travel for days over dangerous territory and protect the fragile pottery. Tree-Ear must rely on his courage and the lessons he has learned from Crane-man as he travels.

His desire to serve and honor Min keeps Tree-Ear pushing onward, even when he has only a single shard to show.

  A Single Shard is a heart-warming story of selfless sacrifice, courage, and devotion.  Ages 9 and up

Recommended by Colette Eason, Librarian, Texas USA

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