A Pearl Among Princes

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A Pearl Among Princes

Looking for a great fairytale with a romantic twist? Love Sleeping Beauty? This book is waiting for you. Gracepearl lives on an island with her father, the cook. It's the time of year when the princes come sailing up on their great ships for training in princely arts. They'll learn how to woo a young lady and how to wield a lance. They'll find their inner "yin" and they'll compete in horseracing. But, for the young ladies on the island, these princes are the way out. If they can capture the heart of a prince, he can safely take her away to his own lands. Gracepearl is joined with her loyal friends Lu and Nuff in plotting and planning and spying and giggling over the princes. But, Gracepearl has a wonderful friend from her childhood, Mackree, a handsome young man in his own right. Mackree has nobly told Gracepearl to follow her dreams and find the man who can help her escape the island. Prince Richard and Prince Peter both look promising. This is fluff. Pure cotton candy. There's a great kiss -you are forewarned so no swooning please- and a happily ever after ending.

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