A New Beginning (Magic Puppy, Book 1)


If you've read any of the Magic Kitten books then you know that magical animals (kittens) live in other worlds and sometimes have to escape the danger there to come to safety in the world of humans.  

This time it is a magical wolf who escapes to our world and comes in the guise of a wonderful golden retriever named Storm.  He shows up in the life of Lily, who works at the Greengates Riding Stables.  More than anything in the world Lily would love to have a pony of her own.  What she is about to get is a big dose of magic, humor and adventure.

A good choice for children who don't want to be too scared but are ready for a hint of fantasy and a sprinkle of suspense.  The series continues:

Muddy Paws (2), Cloud Capers (3), Star of the Show (4), Party Dreams (5), A Forest Charm (6), Twirling Tails (7), School of Mischief (8), Classroom Princess (9), Friendship Forever (10), Spellbound at School (11), Sunshine Shimmers (12), Sparkling at School (13), Perfect Secret (14)and Snowy Wishes

978-0448450445  Ages 5-8  128 pages


Lily loves working at Greengates Riding Stables, but she can't help feeling sad that she doesn't have her own pony. Or even her own pet. But when Storm, a golden retriever with sparkling midnight-blue eyes, magically appears, she can't believe it. A wonderful adventure awaits them.

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