A Nest for Celeste

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A Nest for Celeste

To be released on Feb. 23, 2010: Just where exactly is "home?" A delightful little mouse named Celeste is about to have a few life lessons in exactly that. She lives under the floor boards of the dining room of a plantation house in the American South when we first meet her. James Audubon comes to stay and brings his young assistant, Joseph. Now, Celeste has trouble and that starts with R and it's spelled R-A-T-S. Two of them. They are bullying her and making her supply them with food that she gets from the dining room floor while constantly watching out for the cat. There is magic in this book and that magic is created by the illustrations that Henry Cole has woven through the narrative. The pictures are so warm and endearing. You want to have the mouse for your own. Absolutely delightful. As our story goes along, Celeste has to abandon her cozy home and flee upward to higher territory to escape the cat. There she begins to make friends with Joseph, a thrush named Cornelius, an osprey named Lafayette and finally a little wren. She is a very good-hearted mouse and it is revealed that Celeste is responsible for influencing the magnificent work of Audubon. It is she who inspires Joseph to use live subjects for his drawings of birds. Adventures abound and the cat lurks around every corner. A lovely book for children who adore Charlotte's Web, Stuart Little and Avi's Dimwood Forest books. 336 pages

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