A Hero's Worth: Dragon Speaker Trilogy, Book Two

A Hero's Worth: Dragon Speaker Trilogy, Book Two

This second book in the Dragon Speaker trilogy continues the tale of Jacob, a young man with the gift of being able to understand and communicate with birds and their cousins, the dragons.In the first book, Jacob makes contact with one of the last dragons and learns that her egg, containing the last male dragon, has been stolen by the evil Lord Manning and his wizard Kain.Kain intends to kill the dragon when it hatches and assume its powers, allowing him to overthrow the rightful king and help Lord Manning seize the kingdom.Jacob is appealed to by the birds, who call him the “Chosen One,” the Dragon Speaker who was foretold by prophecy to be able to restore the dragons and return just rule to the kingdom.With the help of his friend Orson and a young girl named Lia, Jacob is able to rescue the dragon’s egg and preside over the hatching of the young dragon, whom he names Draco.

As the second book opens, Jacob is in hiding with Lia, Orson, and the young dragon, but leaves his hiding place to attend the funeral of his father, who was killed in the fighting between Lord Manning and the villagers.Overcome with anger at his father’s death, Jacob vows vengeance on Kain, and unwisely sets off to seek out and confront the wizard, leaving Draco in the care of the healer Aldous, and drawing his friends Orson and Lia with him into danger.When the confrontation with Kain goes badly, the party is forced to flee into forestlands belonging to the elves.Captured by elves, Lia’s identity as a princess of the elves is revealed, and the boys learn she had left her homeland to avoid being forced into marriage with Lord Manning.Lia trades her agreement to marry Lord Manning for her companion’s lives, and is taken to the castle, while Jacob and Orson turn to Aldous for help in rescuing her.From Aldous, Jacob learns more of the prophecy, and finds that he must retrieve two halves of a stone that fell from a comet, and use its power to fight Lord Manning.However, the stone will only respond to one who has proven his worth as a hero.Jacob must now assume a quest to find the two halves of the stone, rescue Lia, and prove himself the hero of the prophecy.

This fantasy series, featuring teen age heroes and high-level action, should appeal to all those students who love fantasy, but struggle with the reading process.In the wake of the Harry Potter phenomenon, many fantasy novels, even those aimed at younger children, are expanding into several hundred page epics that are intimidating to a struggling reader.These slimmer books will be a perfect offering for those students who love a good sword and sorcery read, but are put off by other oversized offerings.The simplified plots and sparse background development are largely overshadowed by the non-stop action, and the characters, though minimally developed, are likeable and believable.Offer these to your students who are carrying Harry Potter or Eragon around as prop books, and they should be able to achieve some true reading success.

Recommended by Linda Lucke, Learning Center Director, Illinois

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