A Book of Prayers for Kids: Ways to Talk to God Every Day

a book of prayers for kids a way for kids to talk to god

Dozens of prayers for kids to use for every day, difficult days, and special days.

What could be more important than giving our kids the tools to keep them connected to God? Kids are wired to have faith. And prayer is the way they (and we) make our bond with God strong. Kids don’t need simplistic prayers. They need to be inspired to use the minds and hearts God gave them to speak specifically about every circumstance of life.

Prayers include… A Mealtime Prayer – A Prayer to Start the Day – A Prayer to End the Day – Before You Read the Bible – When You are Sad – When You are Afraid – When You are Lonely – When You’ve Lost a Friend – When You Are Being Bullied – When You are Confused – When You Have Done Wrong – When You Accomplished Something Good – When Your Father is Not Doing Well – When Your Mother is Not Doing Well – When Someone You Love is Ill – On Your Birthday – To God Our Father – To Jesus the Son of God – To God the Holy Spirit – When Someone You Love Has Died – When Your Pet Is Ill – At Christmas Time – Thanks for Your Mother – Thanks for Your Father – Thanks For Your Family – Prayer for Faith – Prayer for Hope – Prayer for Love – Before Going to Church – When You Have to Say Sorry – About School – For the Beginning of the School Year – For the End of the School Year

For ages 7 to 12, approximately.

More info at www.BookOfPrayersForKids.com

A word to the kid who has this book…

Our great God in heaven loves every person he ever created. And he wants to hear from us! We can call out for God’s help, thank God for good things, seek his love when we have done wrong. But sometimes we wonder how to pray.

The 50 prayers here are for everyday use. Prayers to start the day, end the day, mealtime prayers, prayers for when we are ill, confused, lonely, or happy. Prayers for family, for friends, for school. And may others.

Don’t stick this book on a shelf! Put it in your backpack, beside your bed, at your dinner table—wherever you can reach for it! Use the prayers. Talk to God!---from the publisher

102 pages                         978-0997406337                      Ages 7-12

Keywords:  prayer, Christianity, Christian family fiction, religion, 7 year old, 8 year old, 9 year old, 10 year old, 11 year old

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