39 Clues, Book 9: Storm Warning

39 Clues, Book 9: Storm Warning

Storm Warning is a mesmerizing story of intrigue, double-crossing, adventure, loss and self-discovery. Amy and Dan are led to the Caribbean in search of the next clue, but they find more than just the clue. Dan and Amy learn the truth about their splintered Cahill family, about the mysterious Man in Black, about what's important in life. Their Au Pair, Nellie, becomes a vital, integral part of the plot this time with terrific character development.

Amy and Dan have always made wise decisions beyond their years, but this plotis tightly woven with action and consequences that become a page-turner, can't-put-down adventure. The solid foundation is now laid for the last book. The next and final task for Amy and Dan is daunting with global consequences. Wiser than when they started, Amy and Dan are not guaranteed success in such a difficult challenge. Which one of the competitive family branches will put all of the clues together and seize power? I'm anxiously awaiting the next book. 176 pages

Good for Upper Elementary Ages 9-12

Recommended by Rebecca Richardson, Teacher-Librarian



Amy and Dan Cahill find themselves in Jamaica where they discover some very interesting information about their grandmother, Grace Cahill and information about the Madrigals, their family unit.  This is their first encounter with the death of someone not connected to the Cahill family and they are affected greatly.  Amy and Dan also find out what Nellie, their au pair, is really made of and for whom she is working.  Amy and Dan stand up to the Kabras: Isabel, Natalie, and Ian.  With the information gained in Jamaica, Amy, Dan and Nellie are headed to England at the end of the story.


I highly recommend this book for Middle Readers and Older Readers.  I have enjoyed reading each book in the series and look forward to finishing the series.  They definitely keep the reader engaged with wanting to find the next clue and find out what Amy and Dan and the rest of the family will do to get the clues.
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Karen Limbaugh, MLISRetired High School Librarian, Texas USA


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